Spotlight on Talent: Showcasing Unmatched Entertainment with Don Casino Entertainment Agency

As the adage goes, “Diversity is the spice of life,” and at Don Casino Entertainment Agency, we fully understand why this couldn’t be truer for entertainment venues. Today, we’re here to shed light on some of the most promising talents on our roster, from awe-inspiring vocalists to our mind-bening illusionists. Step into a world of grand stage productions, melodious journeys, magical spectacles, and effervescent comedy. 

Here is just a taste of a few of the stars on our roster capable of transcending your event expectations:

Queen: Rhythm and Rhapsody

The splendor of classic rock-band, Queen, is brought alive in the alluring production, ‘Queen: Rhythm and Rhapsody.’ The show features the stellar Broadway star, Justin Sergeant, and a compelling ensemble of dancers adding layers of energy to an already pulsating performance. Sergeant’s soaring vocals are beautifully juxtaposed with interpretations of love, passion, and human experiences, all encased within Queen’s greatest hits. The show goes beyond being simply a tribute—it encapsulates the enduring legacy and influence of the beloved Freddie Mercury.


Next on the list is LEGACY, a globally celebrated male vocal group based in New York City. With members from the acclaimed Broadway production, ‘Motown The Musical,’ their repertoire spans from iconic Beatles tracks to contemporary Bruno Mars numbers. Their signature show, ‘Motown & More,’ combines powerhouse vocals and smooth choreography to deliver a high-energy nostalgic trip through music history.


Then, we move into the mystifying world of Tetro, a magician and mentalist hailing from Los Angeles. Known as the Corporate Magician of the Year, Tetro is a master of elegant sleight-of-hand magic and modern mentalism. With numerous appearances on prominent stages, television shows, and world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, his sophisticated tricks are set to impress anyone who dares to look beyond the ordinary.

Kelly MacFarland

Finally, meet the effervescent Kelly MacFarland, an experienced stand-up comedian who lights up the room every time she steps on stage. Whether performing at comedy clubs, television shows, or brightening the day for US troops overseas—Kelly exudes charm, wit, and undeniable hilarity. Her distinct comedy style, which fluctuates between ‘corporate clean’ and ‘anything goes,’ guarantees to bring mirth to any set.

At Don Casino Entertainment Agency, we pride ourselves on discovering and nurturing impending talent. Our inspiring roster, filled with individuals like Queen Rhythm & Rhapsody, LEGACY, Tetro, and Kelly MacFarland, is a testament to our commitment. Contact us today to dazzle your event with their overwhelming talent.

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