From Stand-Up to Soulful Tunes: Experience the Diversity of Don Casino’s Talent

At Don Casino Entertainment Agency, we understand how vital it is for venues to have a wide range of emerging talent. We work hard to ensure the talent we represent will provide an amazing, enjoyable experience for audiences everywhere. We are proud to spotlight some of our most promising emerging talent on our roster. From vocalists to jugglers, some of these talents have achieved some amazing feats in their careers already. 

Here are some of the stars in our roster who are sure to exceed your event expectations.

Josh Henderson

Josh Henderson brings the best of the best with his Freddie Mercury tribute show. Not only is he a famed vocalist, but he’s taken his passion and skill on the road with The Real Magic Queen Show and The Queen Experience. Audiences can expect an evening of the best Queen anthem to belt out along with, and wave their arms about at Josh’s engrossing performance.

Jenna Devries

Jenna Devries will rock your venue floor with her exceptional talent and unique sound. Coming from a fusion of country, pop, and American elements, the acclaimed artist has performed with many well-known names such as People and Elton John. Jenna brings with her an inspiring and elevating direction for her works, as her songs come directly from her journey as an emerging LGBTQ+ artist. Audiences can expect some great bops when Jenna takes the stage.

Adam Ferrara 

Adam Ferrara has made his name in the entertainment industry well-known. Appearing on such series as the hit show Rescue Me, and taking the reigns of Top Gear for BBC, Adam proudly continues his entertainment legacy with his penchant for stand-up genre. Having been recognized and nominated for best male stand-up act, it’s no surprise Adam’s routines often leaves tears and belly laughs from audiences of all ages.

Red Corvette

Finally, Red Corvette bids all of us a day or night full of delight. With a repertoire of the funk rock and pop classic that we love, this ensemble of rock legends and versatile musical talents transports us back to the days of Prince and Purple Reign. Pushed further by the captivating performances of vocalist, Donny T, audiences can expect encouraging variation of the most well-loved Prince songs.

At Don Casino Entertainment Agency, we continuously search for emerging talents that can bring an unparalleled experience to any event. We are proud to represent such promising talent like Josh Henderson, Jenna DeVries, Adam Ferrara, and Red Corvette. Contact us today to discover how they can elevate your venues with their immense talent. 

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