David & Dania

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Want a taste of Vaudville…adapted from a unique entertainment form originated by a clever practitioner, perhaps a century earlier, David & Dania have perfected a performance introduced to America for the very first time! “QUICKCHANGE” is the creation of David Michael Maas & Dania Kaseeva. Combining a series of elegant Ballroom sequences into a progression of dramatically colorful costume changes, DAVID & DANIA are truly show stoppers! DAVID & DANIA present costume changes that challenge reason. It’s an amazing “Sleight-of-Body” metamorphosis completely surrounded… You have to see it to believe it. The fast change artistry of DAVID & DANIA is as dazzling as it is baffling.

Their act is a go-anywhere, play-anywhere act that trancends language, barrier, and cultural divides. They can fly easily with light baggage. The visual look is contemporary. It is FAST and CRISP! Their appeal crosses gender and age lines. The ladies love the costumes and the dancing; the men appreciate the sensuality and mystery.


Show Description

1 x 5-10, 1 x 15: Quick Change and Hula Hoop

Basic Information

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David & Dania

Minutes of Material

25 Minutes

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Act Type

Quick Change

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