2024’s Hottest Variety Acts: Trending Entertainment for Land Venues

As we delve into 2024, one fascinating sector that is brimming with novelty and dynamism is the variety acts in land venues. Today, shows are going above and beyond the conventional to offer extraordinary displays of creativity that entice audiences far and wide.

Here is just a taste of some of the unique variety acts front lining the entertainment industry:

Comedy Jugglers

The advent of comedy jugglers has opened up a whole new and eccentric world of entertaining shenanigans. Their process of fusing rib-tickling humour with unmatched juggling finesse is radicalising land venues universally. These performers enjoy the bounteous visibility they attract from ability to engage and entertain masses with simple, yet expertly executed, antics. They’re stealing scenes and are more than just the sideshow – becoming performances that piece the entire event together. 

Comedy Magicians

Comedy magicians are another trend emerging out of the variety pool. While magic tricks always infused a sense of wonder, adding wit to it has created a genre that keeps on giving. Comedy and illusion, a combination one thought will never come to the forefront, is transforming into a sizzling act of hilarity and astonishment. Hoots and laughing jaws dropping in awe keeps this spellbinding clan revel high in the charts.

Illusionists and Hypnotists

Illusionists and hypnotists continue to hypnotize the industry with their hair-rising performances. The latter often merge psychology, suggestibility and showmanship, while empowering their audience to discover more about the capabilities of the human mind. More interactive, involving audiences and demonstrating feats that keep people astonished, these acts are in bigger demand than ever, proving themselves to be irreplaceable.


It would be remiss to not mention arguably the most captivating trend of the year – the comeback of ventriloquists. Long lost in obscurity, the stage now bows to these entertainers who, summoning the skill of voice without movement, animate lifeless puppets. With a dash of comedy and theatrics, these one-man (or woman) armies hold the audience enthralling them. Multiple characters with distinctively colourful (immobile) faces juggling vibrantly different accents takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride, leaving them roaring in laughter. 


Finally, the rise of mentalists can’t be ignored. The resurgence of an interest in understanding or manipulating minds has created massive waves of entrancement. Swaying the collective creed of audiences, predicting behaviors, reading thoughts, and prompting reactions; these performers are seizing the scene by churning out mysteries that leave the crowd constantly on the edge. Mentalists are naturally the new knights of the industry. 

As the entertainment landscape escalates, thrives, twists and turns in 2024, variety acts are heralding their supremacy in shaping the way forward. We, as the audience, can only wait in exhilarating anticipation for the next round of wild entrances the industry shells out.

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