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Les Dudes

  • Act Type: Cirque Variety, Comedy Juggler, International, Speciality
  • Minutes of Material: 60
  • Languages: English,  French
  • Home Airport: Geneva,CHS-GE (GVA), Montreal, CAN-QC (YUL)
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Talent Information

Talent Information

Talent Biography

Heartwarming and hilarious. Duo Les Dudes is a vibrant fusion of humor, live music, and daring acrobatics, crafted and performed by Senja Meriläinen and Philippe Dreyfuss. Their show, acclaimed across 30 countries and four continents, is a testament to their artistic synergy, serving up unexpected moments and a thrilling dynamic that keeps audiences riveted.

Senja, a charismatic Finnish artist, is loved for her stage presence and audience interaction. She’s well-known in Finland as the host of children’s show ‘Pikku Kakkonen’. Philippe, hailing from Geneva, brings a wealth of circus performance experience, including a stint with Cirque du Soleil.

Together as Duo Les Dudes, they offer an engaging performance that’s as playful as it is memorable

Show Description

1 x 45 minutes show, can be broken in two slightly different 30 minutes shows for piazza

Show is mainly without words. We can perform in english, french, german, italian, spanish, japanese, portuguese, finnish



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