Talent Profile

Victor Rubilar

  • Act Type: International, Speciality
  • Minutes of Material: 50
  • Locations: EU - Spain
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Home Airport: Barcelona,ESP-CT (BCN)
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Talent Information

Talent Information

Talent Biography

Football is an universal language that everybody can share. With the classy style of the 1920’s, plenty of dance, quick humor and impressive skills Victor creates a party on stage. Imagine a show where every member of the family can participate creating a wave, cheering or simply be in awe from the amazing tricks.

Victor Rubilar has toured the world with over 1,000 shows in 51 countries. He has gotten nothing less than 21 awards internationally and Victor has successfully broken 5 Guinness World records with his football skills. Never taking himself too seriously, he knows how to have fun and get the audience laughing with him.

Show Description

5-Time Guinness World Record Holder Comedy football Juggling Show

Victor’s highly technical talents are to be taken seriously. He is a natural showman and always delivers a high impact show. He knows how to have fun and get the audience laughing with him. The show culminates in a unique 'knock your socks off' juggling set that only Victor can perform. He combines juggling with footballs, comedy, “Magic”, dance and audience interaction to create a party on stage.



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