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Michael Barron

  • Act Type: Comedy Magician, Illusionist
  • Minutes of Material: 90
  • Languages: English
  • Home Airport: Orlando, USA-FL (MCO)
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Talent Information

Talent Information

Talent Biography

Michael Barron has appeared on more than 300 television shows in 50 countries as the star of Disney Live, the largest touring magic show in the world!

Michael’s performance style is lyrical and romantic. He elevates each illusion into an art piece complimented by sharply edited music, sound effects, and multimedia. Don’t miss one of the most awarded magic shows in the world.

Show Description

2 x 45 min:

1. Cage appearance (Girl appears from cage)

2. Roses and Eggs (Manipulation piece)

3. The device (a unique version of the cube zag illusion)

4. Melting Ipad

5. Linking borrowed finger rings

6. Sands (a very visual version of the sands of the desert illusion with goldfish production)

7. Pixelized (a girl is squeezed to pixel size in a video game themed illusion)

8. Cellophane switch (Michael is wrapped in cellophane and switches places with assistant in less than a second)

9. Haunted Rocking Chair (Ghost woman appears onstage)

9.5 Silver Flight (3 signed coins fly through the air and land one by one in a bucket held by a spectator)

10. Butterflies (multi stage routine ending in the production of the butterfly lady

11. Card manipulation finale (with streamer cannons)



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