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Fred Moore

  • Act Type: Comedy Magician
  • Minutes of Material: 90
  • Languages: English
  • Home Airport: Orlando, USA-FL (MCO)
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Talent Information

Talent Information

Talent Biography

Even at an early age Fred knew he wanted to be on a stage somewhere, so he started taking lessons. Dance lessons, singing lessons, music lessons and he learned a lot. He learned he wasn’t good at ANY of that!

When he was 16 his High School guidance counselor ask him what he wanted to do for a career and Fred said “I want to be a magician” to which the reply came “well (long pause) good luck with that!”

He soon dove into the art of Magic; studying every book he could find and started learning sleight-of-hand from a local magician. Soon enough he started booking shows, then worked at theme parks, corporate events and exotic places like Japan, Singapore and Cleveland!

Over the last few years Fred has been adding his humor to Keynote presentations on Time Management for corporate meetings as well as consulting. Currently Fred lives in Orlando, Florida with his lovely wife and 2 daughters.

Show Description

Two 45-minute shows

A 15-20 minute Welcome aboard/Farewell spot

Close Up Magic Class

Lecture: The Magic Secrets to Getting Stuff Done



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