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Christopher Caress

  • Act Type: Hypnotist, International
  • Minutes of Material: 145
  • Languages: English
  • Home Airport: Leeds, GBR-ENG (LBA)
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Talent Information

Talent Information

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Hypnotist Christopher Caress - Seeing Is Believing

Hypnotist & mind-bender extraordinaire Christopher Caress is going to do something truly astounding; he’s giving audiences the chance to experience at first-hand what it’s like to be hypnotised. It’s an extraordinary show that weaves truth and fallacy into a complex tapestry of suggestion, mind manipulation & hypnosis, as he enables his audiences to tap into their mental capabilities, they never knew they had! While he may be a top-notch showman, Caress is a fast-thinking comedian who milks humour out of every situation that arises on stage, the results are nothing short of hilarious, as hypnotised members of the audience become the real STARS of Christopher’s show!

Show Description

2 x 45/55 Minute Main Show, PLUS a Late Night Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show, PLUS ‘All in the Mind’ 60 Minute Talk & Live Demonstration in hypnosis.

Getting the ordinary to do the extraordinary using hypnosis! Hypnotizing willing volunteers on stage & turning them into stars!



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