Well Balanced

Act Information


Lisa Lottie and Reuben DotDotDot are a multi-award winning couple that have balanced performing around the world while being married for 11 years in a row. From London to Tokyo via Moscow and Toronto… you name it, they have performed there! Reuben is an ex- Cirque du Soleil acrobat with more balance skills humanly fathomable and Lisa is a loud mouthed TEDx speaker who has dedicated her life to the Hula Hoop, which she can spin around her body for hours on end.. often while balanced only on one foot. Together they will bring you the finest, funniest and absolutely jaw-dropping circus skills in an action packed variety show for all ages!

Show Description

1 x 45 min show, a possible 2nd 45 min silent show requires additional baggage.

While social distancing is in place we would only be able to perform this show as it uses no audience volunteers. Once rules have relaxed more we could offer a second show with chinese pole and contortion. There would be mild material crossover (we would bring some skills from Well Balanced but change the music. etc.)  – we would need one extra 23kg bag for this.  both me and reuben carry status on all major airlines so we travel with 2 bags each for free.


Basic Information

Act Name

Well Balanced

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English, Dutch

Act Type

Novelty, Variety

Home Airports

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (MEL)