Tyler Bryce

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Tyler Bryce was born into a musical family. His earliest influence began at a very young age, watching his father and uncles sing and perform together professionally since infancy. At as early as one year old, Tyler began displaying his signature “animated personality” and an advanced ability to sing complex melody.

His early childhood would begin to display a remarkable ability to accurately mimic sounds and voices. His first public use of this ability was in school, much to the delight and amusement of schoolmates who would often suggest he become a TV personality or voice actor. His gift of music and mimicry would continue to develop into adolescence.

With the dawning of the internet age, Tyler found himself immersed and inspired by a world of influences around him. At 16 he began teaching himself to play the guitar and began to write songs. At 22 he had mastered the instrument and had already spent over two decades watching his father and uncles (still running) career develop through many stages, even working as their live sound engineer for several years. This allowed Tyler to obtain an invaluable hands-on, real world education in show-business.

In his off-time running sound for his Dad and uncles live shows, he began honing a stage act of his own: a fusion of comedy, music, singing, and impressions. His one-man super act has now seen him headlining to sold out audiences and standing ovations around the world, widely lauded as “the best new impressionist” in a smash-hit show that has everyone talking! TYLER BRYCE! ONE MAN…MANY VOICES!

Show Description

Comedy, singing, and dozens of the most entertaining celebrity impressions you’ll ever see and hear. (90 min: 2 different 45 min shows)

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Tyler Bryce

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90 Minutes

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Comedy & Singer Impressionist

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Los Angeles, California, USA (LAX)