Tom Mctigue

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Tom tours nationally and writes for other top performers including Brad Garrett, and Bill Maher. He has co-starred with Christopher Meloni, Patricia Arquette, Noah Wylie, Tim Curry, Craig T. Nelson, Roseanne Barr and Wayne Newton. Featured in a standout role in the 2014 Academy Award winning film BOYHOOD. He co-starred in The Emmy Award Winning series, American Crime, created and starred in ‘Guys Like Us’ for ABC. Tom’s face is instantly recognizable, having been featured in over 250 national TV campaigns, as the spokesman for everything from Miller Beer to Disney World. Constantly in demand, Tom has been on air non-stop, for a whopping 18 consecutive years.

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90 Min Total 45 Clean 45 Adult

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Tom Mctigue

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90 Minutes

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Austin, Texas, USA (AUS)