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The Tower of London has over two million visitors per year – despite this, almost no-one in the present day can claim to have lived in it. Tom Houghton is one of these lucky few aristocrats whose flatmates include Anne Boleyn’s ghost and at least six ravens.

Houghton takes you on a journey, talking about life, Rich People, trials and tribulations which has the audience in stitches. He insists that most of his anecdotes aren’t relatable, but a lot of them are when viewed through a different lens. Everyone knows the feeling of starting at a new school, even if that school is actually the House of Lords and the new pupil in question is your dad. Houghton guides us through all manner of topics – his friends, his gothic/demonic sister, the three times he was arrested – Houghton may not be the most honorable of men, he’s definitely one of the most hilariously self-aware.

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2 x 45 minutes clean sets and a 30 minute late night show.

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Tom Houghton

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120 Minutes

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