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Syan is the world champion. The top of the international Balloon competition in 2015. With 20 over years of experience, Syan is top balloon performer in Japan. He has performed all over the world, with his shows being called “breakthrough balloon performance art”.

His performances are widely accepted by all audiences young or old, because he has the ability to maximize the appeal and possibility of balloon art through surprising and sometimes tricky productions, and turning twisting process into fun, not just the finished product.

His look and style have earned Syan the nicknames “the balloon noble” and “the balloon magician”.  And he performs over 400 shows every year.

His show does not require a language, so it can be accepted anywhere in the world. If you ordered a long show, he will show off 2 styles. The Japanese style performance reflects powerfully on balloons, himself,and Japanese tradition. Magician style is highly entertaining and will create magical atmosphere unlike anything you have seen before.

Show Description

1 x 45 repeated or 2 x 30 repeated

He has a Japanese style act and a Magician style act  show.

He can also make balloon creations that are  seasonal:Christmas,Halloween,Spring,summer,Fall,Winter etc.

*Note: he can not do his act on the day he boards a ship because it takes 8~ 10 hours for him to prepare all the balloons for the shows.

Basic Information

Act Name


Minutes of Material

50 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English (Basic); Japanese

Act Type

Balloon Artist

Home Airports

Tokyo, Japan – Haneda (HND)

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