Scott Harris

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Scott Harris has written and performed in television commercials, acted in films, and spent fifteen years as the country’s most listened to radio personality by teens.

He was nominated for best stand-up comedian at the first Canadian Comedy Awards, performed at the first ever Edmonton Comedy festival, and hosted the first Russell Peters and Friends cross Canada theatre tour. He is the only comedian to perform in Canada’s house of parliament, and, the Hells Angels Toronto club house. He has stood on some of the biggest stages in the world and on the back of an armoured personnel carrier at Kandahar Air force base in Afghanistan. Now, Scott shares his time between theatres and corporate events in Canada and travelling the rest of the world, working in such exotic locales as Bora Bora, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh city, Copenhagen, Paris, and even St. Petersburg, Russia. In fact so much of Scott’s work is done overseas that it now includes a little French and even some Mandarin Chinese, a language he has been studying for several years.

Classy, clean and charismatic, Scott Harris is recognized for his remarkable ability to connect with his audience, and once that connection is made, he quickly takes them to new heights of hilarity!

Show Description

90 min, two different 45 min shows, 1 – Around the world in 45 minutes / 2 – Life gets better with age

Both shows are family friendly, all ages

Has two backing tracks

Scott does not do late night adult shows, only works clean

Basic Information

Act Name

Scott Harris

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English; Mandarin

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Home Airports

Toronto, ON – Toronto Island Airport (YTZ)

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