Rakesh Syam

Act Information


Rakesh Syam is a globe-trotting, wise-cracking, internationally acclaimed magical entertainer. Rakesh has spent more than a decade cruising the world with his unique brand of fast paced, funny, mystifying stand-up and mind reading shows. His shows are a fine blend of laughter & amazement. Direct from the renowned Carnival Cruise Lines of USA, the highly talented Rakesh now returns to his roots to entertain and befuddle the fine gentry of what he learned by traveling in more than 40 countries. His act is a melange of stand-up, intellectual & interactive mind reading and the people are involved in every act. On one of his signature act all the people in the audience are invovled and their minds are read at the same time.

Show Description

90 min

My stage act is a mixture of stand-up, intellectual & interactive mind reading illusion show with audience participation.

Basic Information

Act Name

Rakesh Syam

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Tamil

Act Type

Mentalist & Illusionist

Home Airports

Bangalore, India (BLR)

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