Queen Flash

Act Information


Queen Flash was formed in 2008 when Johnny Zatylny decided to put together his own Queen Tribute based in Montreal, Canada after singing with MerQury in Germany for 8 years.  Both shows are still running strong and Johnny shows no signs of wanting to stop any time soon.  Queen’s music is iconic and has an appeal to audiences of all ages.  We regularly see 8 year olds and 80 year olds at the shows who know every word to the songs.  Not too many bands have this kind ot appeal.  Queen’s music will live on forever!

Show Description

Queen Tribute Act

Up to 1x 120 min show or 2x different 60 min shows

Basic Information

Act Name

Queen Flash

Minutes of Material

100 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English, French

Act Type

Tribute to Queen

Home Airports

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Dorval (YUL)

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