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Australian entertainer, Mikey Votano, completely reimagines well-loved hits as vintage bangers*.  Think Elvis meets Adele, Jerry Lee meets Taylor Swift, Chuck Berry meets Bruno Mars. It’s time to break those heels off & party like it’s 1959!

*bangers; energetic songs that are striking or extraordinary.


Mikey Votano reinvents popular hits & breathes new life to your favourite Swing, Soul & Rock ’n’ Roll classics with his own brand of modern vintage.  As vocalist, who plays a mean saxophone & piano, Mikey has spent better part of two decades travelling the globe fronting orchestras, performing new music festivals & touring his rock ’n’ roll cabaret shows on land and sea.

Mikey grew up the Chuck Berry way, albeit on saxophone rather than guitar, cutting his teeth in various jazz bands across his hometown of Sydney, Australia.  It was there, packed onto tiny stages, sandwiched between musicians giving their all for excited rooms, that his love for music & its ability to bring joy brought the realization that this is how he wanted to spend his life.

A trained orchestra conductor, former university lecture, radio presenter & firm believer that pineapple does NOT belong on a pizza, Mikey uses his entire bag of tricks to craft authentic, exciting, full of energy stage shows that blur the lines between large scale concerts, theatre shows & intimate cabarets.

Mikey’s onboard shows ‘Swing, Soul & Rock ’n’ Roll’ & ‘Mikey Votano Live’ incorporate fresh arrangements, incredible musicianship, heartfelt stories, but mostly, they’re just a whole heap of fun.

Show Description

2 x 45min

Mikey Votano’s Swing Soul & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Well-loved tunes completely reimagined as vintage bangers with unparalleled energy & love by Australia’s own, Mikey Votano.  Break off those heels it’s time to party like it’s 1959!


Mikey Votano LIVE!

Mikey’s back with an all new show of Swing, Soul, Rock n’ Roll & MORE!  New tunes, new arrangements, new stories & heaps of fun.

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Mikey Votano

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

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Home Airports

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (SYD) Oct-April; London, United Kingdom – All airports (LON) April-Oct

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