Mike Votano

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Mike Votano is an all round entertainer.  Whilst his musical proficiency across 3 disciplines (Vocals, Piano & Saxophone) takes it’s place centre stage, it is Mike’s ability to truly connect with any audience that shines above all.  His real life honest banter is charming, inspiring & often hilarious.  Imagine an intimate cabaret fused with your absolute favourite live music concert & you’ll begin to understand the joys of participating in one of Mike’s shows.  A jazz musician with a love for all things Rock ‘n’ Roll Mike performs fresh arrangements & takes on the classics whilst offering exciting vintage reworkings of modern repertoire that ensures audiences of all ages leave feeling fulfilled & completely entertained.

Show Description


Australian entertainer Mike Votano brings his 50s inspired rock ‘n’ roll show to the theatre in this live & loud musical spectacular perfect for audiences all ages.  Expect fresh new takes of the classics & exciting reworkings of modern repertoire in one incredible show.  Be charmed, inspired & enjoy all Mike brings supported by the sensational (insert ship orchestra’s name).


He’s back with an all new show of swing, soul, rock ‘n’ roll & more supported once again by the (insert ship orchestra’s name). Don’t miss this final performance onboard of the ever talented Mike Votano.

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Mike Votano

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

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Home Airports

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (SYD) Sept – May; London, United Kingdom – All airports (LON) June – August