Michael Joiner

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In his 25 years doing stand up, Michael Joiner has won countless awards for his clean and sarcastic style. His quick-witted audience interaction and improv ability is practically unequalled in the world of stand-up.

In 2019 Michael was approached by one of the biggest names in Comedy, “Larry The Cable Guy” who asked Michael to signed with his label, “GitRDone Records.” Michael’s first album was recorded in 2020 and released by Emmy award winning Comedy Dynamics on all platforms. Michael was also the 1st place winner of The Hollywood Improvs “FUNNIEST COMIC IN LA” 2008, as well as a contributing writer to the Tonight Show w Jay Leno.


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Up to 2 hours of material (including Improv game with audience members) :  G clean 1.5 hours PG-16 30 or more


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Michael Joiner

Minutes of Material

120 Minutes

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Kansas City, MO (MCI)

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