Lorraine Crosby

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ROCK ROYALTY LORRAINE Best known as the female vocalist who duetted with Meat Loaf on the number 1 smash hit, I Would do Anything For Love, she has numerous recording and performance credits with Bonnie Tyler / Elton John /Kid Rock /John Parr/ Sam Smith to name but a few. Lorraine is a first-class vocalist singing any and every genre of music from rock to Motown and Abba!  She has several themed shows ranging from 60s up to 90s and rock/ Motown and Abba.

She always achieves a party atmosphere and gets everyone joining in at her shows she decides what she will sing when she looks at her audience so her shows are always fresh and unpredictable she is a massive personality and her friendly comfortable delivery always has the audience at ease she  is always re booked wherever she performs. Lorraine works for all of the quality hotel chains and leisure companies throughout the UK Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Show Description

2 x 45 Minute Shows of soft rock  and 8 and a half hours of various popular material on track


Basic Information

Act Name

Lorraine Crosby

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type

Female Vocalist & Vocal Impressionist

Home Airports

London, United Kingdom – All airports (LON)

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