Les Vitamines

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These guys Sebastien and Vincent are juggling acrobats whose mission it is to dazzle people of all ages with their extraordinary technical abilities and burlesque-style staging. Les Vitamines are going to wow people young and old with their clever physical comedy.

Kicked out of a circus with only their tiny little legs to run away on, Les Vitamines spent the next 3 years racing wolves on mountains, arm wrestling bears for breakfast and training for their toughest gig yet:the streets. Over 12 rounds, these acrobatic experts will tickle you pink with incredible feats of balance and have you roaring your head off as they throw each other around the park. A brilliant family show.

Show Description

4 x 5 of Hand Balancing, Comedy Boxing, Balloons, Silent Comedy

Basic Information

Act Name

Les Vitamines

Minutes of Material

20 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type

Physical Comedy Duo

Home Airports

Quebec, Canada – International Airport (YQB)

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