Leopolis Trio

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The Leopolis Trio was founded 2015 in Austria by three Ukrainian like-minded musicians who share the passion for chamber music. They studied together at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria. Since then the trio has performed in many countries such as: Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, Poland etc. Their performances have been received with great enthusiasm. The trio has also participated in many international masterclasses by Stephan Goerner (“Carmina Quartet“), Julian Arp (Cello), and Andreas Woyke (Piano).  Their repertoire covers the period from baroque to contemporary music. They also play pop and jazz pieces in their own arrangements.

Trio Leopolis is different from other instrumental groups due to their unique style. Each member of the trio is a multi-instrumentalist; this gives charm and diversity to their performances.They perform with passion and intensity, drawing the maximum expression from every phrase.  “Music is our Language”  Leopolis Trio

Show Description

2 different 45 min shows

Show  1 “Musical Kaleidoscope“

We use our strings instruments + otamoton, harmonica and vocal(our Violist Dmytro): We start with Mozart and after a few minutes we add dialogue and then move into pop,and folk songs with personal stories, jokes an interesting facts. Number 8 “One Note Samba” includes audience participation with an impromptu violin lesson followed with an onstage performance.

Show  2 – “Twelve string plus….”

We use our string instruments +harmonica, otamoton, typewriter, clock and sandpaper:  This show is very interesting and funny with special pieces by Leroy Anderson “Syncopate Clock” “Typewriter” and ” Sandpaper ballet” (audience participation).

Basic Information

Act Name

Leopolis Trio

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English, German, Russian, Ukranian

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Home Airports

Graz, Austria (GRZ)