Kamikaze Fireflies

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A near riotous end to the show! Seattle Times
Fantastic. Captivating. It was wonderful. Howard Stern

With a standing ovation on this years America’s Got Talent, and four Guinness World Records, The Kamikaze Fireflies are exploding on the variety scene. A fast paced mix of laughs and thrills that uses circus skills like juggling and acrobatics to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Kamikaze Fireflies is a Los Angeles based two person vaudeville smack down. Rob Williams (formerly of The Flaming Idiots) and Casey Martin (formerly of the acrobatic show Barely Balanced) combine their years of learning strange tricks in a dazzling display of the variety arts. They will ascend to the top of twenty foot perch poles to juggle spinning blades, they will mix acrobatics with hula hooping, and perform some routines that defy categorization (such as climbing inside of giant balloons). Your passengers can enjoy amazing skills and family friendly comedy that led Howie Mandel to say, That was fantastic! That’s exactly what we’re looking for!

Show Description

50 Minutes: 1 x 15 Whip Cracking & Climbing + 1 x 15 Visual Poi with Spinwheel and Perch Pole + 1 x 15 Acro with Juggling

50 minute long comedy show featuring a mix of climbing inside of giant balloons, a spinning light show, and classic skills (hula hooping, cube spinning, juggling) and never before seen comedy such as a dinosaur chasing a hot dog.

Basic Information

Act Name

Kamikaze Fireflies

Minutes of Material

50 Minutes

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Physical Comedy Duo

Home Airports

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (CVG)

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