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John Bressler has a great passion to entertain, which has carried him through the music industry for more than 40 years. This multi-talented piano player and keyboardist known for his exuberant stage presence has been compared to Liberace, Victor Borge, Yanni, Elton John, and Billy Joel.  With soulfully raspy vocals akin to Rod Stewart or Louis Armstrong, John’s original style allows him to deliver a distinctive, yet relatable sound that blends perfectly with his effortless piano. In addition to his musical talents, John’s spontaneous wry observations and insights create an additional dimension for his show that features the sublime as often as the ridiculous. While John certainly provides laughter, his empathy and love for the little stuff in life offer a heartwarming connection with his audiences.  The Pennsylvania native has released seven critically acclaimed albums. He has  brought his show to such legendary venues as The Grand Ole Opry and MTV, as well as performances in all seven continents. He has shared stages with the likes of Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Gloria Estefan, the Smothers Brothers, and many, many others.The John Bressler Show is truly one of a kind. For more than four decades, the show has succeeded in its only goal – to make people extremely happy. It’s a must-see event that’s totally unique, and one that audiences from around the world truly love and keep coming back to see.

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John Bressler

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150 Minutes

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Instrumentalist – Pianist

Home Airports

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – International (PHL)

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