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DJ Frankie is an open format DJ from Columbus, Ohio who specializes in EDM and top 40 hits. Frankie first began experimenting with DJing when he was in the 6th grade after discovering electronic music on YouTube. After a few months of practicing, he found his first live gig DJing at a friend’s party. Word spread quickly about his DJ skills, and he began to DJ more and more events. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion that would open the doors for amazing opportunities.

Over the last 10 years, Frankie has DJed hundreds of shows, corporate and community events, and weddings. While only in high school, Frankie began to DJ at nightclubs and music festivals across Ohio. By the time he reached college, he was playing support for national touring DJs and beginning to venture into the world of cruise line DJing. When Frankie is not DJing, he is a full-time student. Frankie currently attends Xavier University where he hopes to gain the skills needed to be accepted into dental school in the future.

Show Description

EDM and top 40 hits.  Can accommodate themes, special occasions, and can also take requests as long as I have WIFI.

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DJ Frankie

Minutes of Material

200 Minutes

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Home Airports

Columbus, Ohio, USA (CMH) or Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (CVG)

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