Flip Schultz

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Flip Schultz has been a touring comedian for 30 years.  His well-crafted and hilarious jokes, combined with his physicality, improvisation & vivid characters, has made him a favorite from Los Angeles to Europe.  He has appeared on “Last Comic Standing”, “Comedy Central” & “HBO” just to name a few and has performed numerous times on US military tours.  Flip has also had the pleasure to work with such entertainers as George Carlin, Bill Burr, “Weird Al” Yankovic, The Temptations, KISS and Dana Carvey who asked Flip to co-write his Netflix special saying that Flip is “Jerry Seinfeld mixed with Robin Williams.”

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120 Minutes of Comedy Material; both family and adult.

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Flip Schultz

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100 Minutes

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Miami, Florida, USA – International (MIA); Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA (FLL)

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