Flashback Heart Attack

Act Information


Don’t confuse 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack with other bands. From Los Angeles – Orange County, Flashback Heart Attack set out to create an outstanding experience that’s high energy, engaging, tons of personality that’s second to none. It’s live entertainment at its best!
It’s an 80s SHOW that’s hired by some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports and charity from Los Angeles to New York – Canada to Cancun. From authentic visual presentation to spot on sound reproduction to crowd interaction, it’s a one of a kind show creating a lasting experience for guests well after the event is over.

Show Description

1 (90min) or 2 (60min)

Basic Information

Act Name

Flashback Heart Attack

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken

Act Type

Party Band/80's & 90's Tribute

Home Airports

Los Angeles, California, USA (LAX)

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