Finis Henderson

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There is something about Finis Henderson’s performance that makes him stand out from every other musical impressionist. In addition to club, casino, cruise ship and corporate appearances, his television credits include The Jacksons Mini-Series, Bustin Loose, Crook and Chase, Nashville Now, Crazy Horse Saloon, Our Family Honor, A Little Bit Strange (an NBC pilot), and Comic Strip Live. Weaving the comic personas of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Rodney Dangerfield, Mike Tyson, Kermit the frog, and many more through the crowd, one is apt to forget they’re not watching a crazed chorus, but the versatile talent of one dynamic performer.

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90 Minutes of material

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Finis Henderson

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

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Vocal Impressionist

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Los Angeles, California, USA (LAX)

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