Erick Kand

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Clean comedy hypnotist Erick Kand provides unforgettable entertainment with a stage hypnosis show that is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing. Audience members become the stars of the show in this interactive performance that appeals to all ages. Erick is a Certified Hypnotist and also conducts popular seminars on topics such as weight loss and stress relief. In his comedy show, he portrays hypnosis in a positive light while treating participants with the courtesy and respect they deserve. People will leave his show saying, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself!

Show Description

2 x 60 minute: Comedy Hypnosis Shows + 2 Hypnosis Seminars: Emotional Freedom, Weight Loss

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Erick Kand

Minutes of Material

120 Minutes

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Home Airports

Tampa, Florida, USA (TPA)

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