Dino Vigo

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Dino Vigo is one of todays most refreshingly pure comics with uncompromising wit and a minimalists approach to the mic. Born of a mixed race union, Dino says his make up was a huge influence to his comedic outlook given his access to both his fathers Black/Latino culture and mothers’ Russian Jewish decent enabling him a broad comedy palate that has only augmented his natural abilities. A skilled writer, as well as performer-Vigo seems poised to take the comedy world by storm and yet remains remarkably grounded in his approach to his craft. “I just want to be one of the ones to preserve comedy in it’s truest form-to have people say he did it the way it was to be done!” Seeing him on stage-it is doubtful anyone could argue this point.

Show Description

90 min plus; can do 1 45 min main show clean and 1 45 min late night show.

Basic Information

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Dino Vigo

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

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Stand Up Comic

Home Airports

New York, New York, USA – All Airports (NYC)

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