Derrick Cameron

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A very funny dynamic performer who has traveled the globe delighting audiences with his straight-shooting style of comedy that takes down memory lane & back.  From the first second he hits the stage you will see why he is in such high demand all over the world.

Derrick Cameron has audiences return time & time again to laugh along with his candid since of humor that leaves no stone unturned.  It’s a non-stop ride of laughter from beginning to end!

 Cameron’s career includes appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central, MTV, Vh-1, USO, and touring with musical legends like: Tanya Tucker, Al Green, and Johnny Mathis for 7 years.

Show Description

Intellectual comedy that is relatable to all!       2 x 45 Minute Shows 

All ages or Comedy club version

Basic Information

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Derrick Cameron

Minutes of Material

135 Minutes

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Home Airports

Los Angeles, California, USA (LAX)

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