David Ramsay

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David Ramsay is an American entertainer who lives in Japan. He grew up in NYC, USA and has been performing professionally since childhood.

He is the only performer, Japanese or foreign, to have won the Shizuoka International Performance Festival, the Japan Cup, twice! He has been a featured act numerous times at the most famous comedy theatre in Japan, Namba Grand Gagetsu, in Osaka. He has also been requested to perform with many of the stars of Japan’s talent industry.

His shows are fun for all ages and nationalities combining Magic, Juggling, Non-verbal and Verbal Comedy, and Audience Participation

He is sure to please all!

Over the years In Japan David has worked literally everywhere. You name it and he’s done it!

Prior to settling in Japan David graduated from the School Of Performing Arts (made famous by the Movie & TV series Fame) he went off to Europe and studied under France’s great movement master, the late Jacque Lecoq, in Paris. At the same time he was performing in various venues around Europe.

David returned to New York City when he was 21 and was immediately scouted to go to Japan to perform his act at Japan’s Huis ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki. He was given a one month contract but, as John Lennon sang, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, Japan ended up adopting David and he soon moved there on a permanent basis.

Show Description

1x 45-50 min show. I perform my act to music. Much of the show is non verbal. I also speak in English but the focus is on the visuals . I am fluent in Japanese. So if there are many Japanese in the audience I can use Japanese as well.

Basic Information

Act Name

David Ramsay

Minutes of Material

45 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English; Japanese

Act Type

Comedy Juggler

Home Airports

Tokyo, Japan – Haneda (HND)

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