David DaVinci

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David DaVinci – Thrillusionist: Not a magician, not just an illusionist, but a thrill-seeking, mind-bending master of prestidigitation who creates an alternate world of fascination with gravity-defying hair and tight pants (required). As seen on 6 continents and multiple national and international TV Shows. He’s headlined for Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus, Headlined at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas – Prepare to be mystified by mind boggling illusions and jaw dropping magic, You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, your jaw will hit the floor, as David DaVinci presents his interpretation of the age-old art of magic and illusions, in Delusions!

Show Description

45 Minute SOLO Fly on Comedy Magic Show
45 Minute SOLO Fly on Comedy Close-Up Show
45 Minute Stage Illusion Show

Basic Information

Act Name

David DaVinci

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type

Comedy Magician & Illusionist

Home Airports

Spokane, Washington, USA (GEG

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