Danny D'Oscar

Act Information


Few performers are as versatile as Danny D’Oscar, and few artists have achieved his level of technical expertise. Danny presents three excellent acts. On the ground, his hand balance and geometric shape manipulation have earned him a place in numerous venues around the world including Major Circuses and Festivals in Mexico, South America, France, Korea and China winning multiple Gold Medals. His aerial straps, aerial chiffon, have been featured at Theme Parks and at corporate functions. Danny possesses rare charisma and showmanship, which earn him maximum approval from his audience.

While performing in Mexico City, an agent from the United States recognized his potential. Shortly thereafter, Danny made his debut in America, Las Vegas, Nevada where he has resided ever since.

Show Description

1 x 13 Minutes: Juggling, 1 x 8 Minutes: Cube, 1 x 7 Minutes: Hand Balance

Basic Information

Act Name

Danny D'Oscar

Minutes of Material

30 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type

Hand Balance & Juggler

Home Airports

Miami, Florida, USA – International (MIA)

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