Dan & Kim

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With over forty years of combined performance experience and numerous awards under their belt, Daniel and Kimberly Craig began their performancestory together in 2009–although their individual journeys started long before that.

While Daniel leapt into the Canadian circus world in 1994, Kimberly was already a high-level figure skater for the United States National team. Through early lives of athletics and academia, one thing rose to the top by their late teens and early twenties and that thing was CIRCUS!  Fast forward to the present day Dan & Kim’s Circus Spectacle is the modern circus experience mashed up with audience interaction, spontaneity, and fun.

Since December 2014 they’ve been thrilling cruise ship audiences in both English and Japanese. They’re clean, they’re funny, and they’ve got skills thatwill certainly leave passengers breathless.

Show Description

3 x 15 minute piazza shows  OR  1 x 45 minute headliner show OR   45 minute headliner show and 10-15 minute piazza preview


Basic Information

Act Name

Dan & Kim

Minutes of Material

60 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English, Japanese

Act Type


Home Airports

Winnipeg, Canada (YWG); Can also be based out of Tokyo, they have a home there

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