Ben Woodward

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Ben Woodward has performed his Comedy Magic shows in over 40 Countries in career that spans over 25 years.

In this time Ben has become a big hit with Royalty and A list Celebrities Ben was Invited to perform for the Queen at Windsor Castle. Ben became a regular Entertainer with The Beatles stars Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Ben was invited to perform at their private parties on over 10 occasions.

Ben’s family friendly Show ensures

A mixture of classical illusions, incredible sleight of hand, misdirection, mesmerism and mindreading, all with the delivery and timing of a first rate stand up comedian, his performances are raucous affairs leaving onlookers wondering what just happened!

Show Description

2 x 45 Min Stage Shows (Larger Audience)

2 x 45 Min Parlor Shows (Smaller Audience)

Basic Information

Act Name

Ben Woodward

Minutes of Material

135 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type

Comedy Magic

Home Airports

Bristol, United Kingdom (BRS)