Bande Artistique

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Man is the only animal intelligent enough to be totally idiotic. – R. Burdet. Well, Emile and Marie-Claude (Cirque du Soleil, Just for Laughs, Palazzo…) prove him right. Those two physical performers stage a unique blend of juggling and opera, finding self-deprecation through fantasy and the absurd. Their show eschews generally accepted ideas and proves the merit of bringing together on stage two artists with such similar sensitivity and playfulness, if only for the belly laughs. The secret to their success? A dash of fantasy and a generous helping of ridicule! Not recommended for weak bladders.

Show Description

1 x 45 Minute Show

Basic Information

Act Name

Bande Artistique

Minutes of Material

45 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English; French; Spanish

Act Type

Physical Comedy Duo

Home Airports

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Dorval (YUL)

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