Andrew Kennedy

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Andrew Arango Kennedy is a fully bilingual, Colombian-born comedian who uses comedy to promote diversity. His comedy takes us through an incredible array of languages, characters, accents, and observations to help us laugh at all that makes us different. By shining a bright light on diversity and removing all the mystery, Andrew shows us just how similar we all are, and establishes his true mantra of “never judging a book by it’s cover….”

Show Description

20 Minute (clean) welcome aboard show. 45-60 Minute (clean) main-stage show. 45-60 Minute (R) “Late Night” adult show. 45 Minute sea day comedy seminar/show.

Basic Information

Act Name

Andrew Kennedy

Minutes of Material

155 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English; Spanish

Act Type


Home Airports

Westchester County, New York, USA (HPN)

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