Yasas Gunaratne

Act Information


Yasas’s show is based on a mentalist who explains how his mind works and demonstrates how human minds work. Yasas brings audience members onsstage to demonstrate how the mind takes over the physical body, how a person’s thoughts can be changed, how thoughts can be transferred and thoughts can be predicted. His show also includes a funny rope escape and a few moments of mind bending. This is a very interactive and a thought provoking performance that leaves each audience member with a positive message and take away from the show.

Show Description

1 x 45 min show; 1 x 20 min show plus 30 min of walk around magic

Basic Information

Act Name

Yasas Gunaratne

Minutes of Material

65 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English, Sinhala

Act Type

Mentalist & Comedy Magic

Home Airports

Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB)

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