Monique Dehaney

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Monique Dehaney is a Jamaican born singer who moved to Japan and made her own path in the music industry. They say experience is the best teacher and Monique has a world of experience under her belt. For just under a few years she has performed at weddings, in Jazz bars, hotel lounges and recorded vocals for a variety of Japanese TV commericals. Monique also went on  to release her own very own albums as a recording artist ; one an all Japanese language album called I Love Song Sweet J Ballads, and two in English Singles Collection – Mo’ Love from Monique.

Not only has she toured with various Japanese artists including, Exile, Hagiwara ‘Shoken’ Kenichi Yazawa Eikichi but she has also appeared on numerous Japanese Television singing shows including Nodojiman Za World where she became a household name in Japan.

Monique then created her own show and started touring the world as a cruise ship guest entertainer , entertaining audiences in a variety of languages including English, French , Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese.
Monique’s voice is powerful but at the same time angelic and her performance is always high energy and breathtaking.

Monique Dehaney continues to make her mark as a multifaceted entertainer performing Soul, Jazz, Reggae & Disco numbers all the while dancing and scatting her way into your hearts.

Show Description

2 different 45 minute shows.

Basic Information

Act Name

Monique Dehaney

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

Languages Spoken

English; Japanese, Spanish

Act Type

Female Vocalist

Home Airports

Tokyo, Japan – Haneda (HND)

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