Brent & Maya – Her Majesty's Secret Circus

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Since 2012, Agent Honeymoon and Agent Butterfly have been covertly saving the world with laughter, one show at a time. They’ve appeared in more than 10 different countries (and Texas!), won People’s Choice Awards at premiere street theater festivals, and appeared on NBC’s “The Gong Show”, where Mike Myers called them a Class Act. Their claim to fame is shooting the world’s only bow and plunger arrow at a tiny target whilst riding a giant one-wheeled stealth cycle, but there is so much more. Featuring amazing circus skills, audience sleeper agents, hilarious improvisation, and all the spy movie references you can think of, Her Majesty’s Secret Circus is a funny, spectacular, must-see show.

Show Description

45-minute Main Stage Act  or 5 x 10 Minute Piazza 

– interactive audience play/improv

– 1 to 7 Club juggling/passing

– 1 to 3 Diabolo stunts

– Stomp Rocket Act (Child Volunteer)

– Two-high Knife juggling Act (Audience Volunteer)

– Bow and Plunger Shot to Unicycle (Audience Volunteer)



Basic Information

Act Name

Brent & Maya – Her Majesty's Secret Circus

Minutes of Material

50 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type


Home Airports

Burlington, VT (BTV) or Boston, Massachusetts, USA (BOS)

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