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Fred Moore has been a professional speaker and entertainer for the past 25 years, traveling to over 30 countries amazing and amusing along the way. From Fortune 500 companies, touring with Walt Disney for 2 years and countless Cruise lines he’s been asked back time and time again. (must mean he’s good right?)
His dynamic and interactive programs have “wowed” audiences all over the country and the world. With over 6,000 performances under his belt he has performed his greatest trick to date…to be able to make a living as a speaker and entertainer!
Making a living as an entertainer is not an easy thing to do and because of that Fred has learned a few things about; goal setting, keeping yourself motivated, personal development and creating a positive mind-set.
He brings his tried-and-true techniques to corporations to help them get more done in less time and increase productivity. These are not just theories that someone thinks might work, these are practical, real-world tools that anybody can use to get what they want.
Mixing his humor and magic with the hard-learned life lessons combined with his improvisational skills he creates a custom one-of-a -kind experience that not only entertains but inspires!
 Currently Fred lives in Orlando, Florida along with his wife and two amazing daughters. Now that you know he has daughters you’ll understand why he doesn’t have any hair!

Show Description

Two 45-minute shows
A 15-20 minute Welcome aboard/Farewell spot
Close Up Magic Class
Lecture: The Magic Secrets to Getting Stuff Done

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Fred Moore

Minutes of Material

90 Minutes

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Comedy Magician & Illusionist

Home Airports

Orlando, Florida, USA – International (MCO)