Colin Campbell

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Colin Campbell is a high octane performer ready for action.  Honing his skills as a child at bagpipe camp(not a joke), Colin now performs his one man comedy variety show all over the globe. His antics got him booked on Comedy Central, and his quick wit and natural charisma keep audiences engaged and entertained the whole time. Bagpiping, beatboxing, juggling, acrobatics, hilarious dancing, unicycling, and extremely good looks.

Show Description

5 x 10 minutes

1. Bagpipes on the unicycle

2. Comedy dance routine w/ audience

3. Hat juggling routine & hat tricks w/ kid

4. Beatbox/beatbox juggling & freestyle rapping

5. Playing pop songs on bagpipe & bagpipe balance tricks

Basic Information

Act Name

Colin Campbell

Minutes of Material

60 Minutes

Languages Spoken


Act Type


Home Airports

Los Angeles, California, USA (LAX) or Burbank, California, USA (BUR)

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